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Currently, Pauquachin First Nation offers a Head Start Program (Ages 0-6), and a Homework Club.


Head Start Program

Pauquachin Head Start Program The Head Start program is a community based program designed to enhance early childhood...

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Homework Club

Pauquachin Education Program Homework club Our homework club program is for all students in grade 1 -12 This...

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Education Stats and Challenges

Education is a high priority for community members, as many have expressed that they see education as a necessity for gaining employment and a viable living income. According to the 2011 National Household Survey, Pauquachin’s population of 240 who are 15 years or older had these levels of education (AANDC, 2011a): 130 people have no degree, certificate or diploma, 65 people have a high school diploma or equivalent, 40 people have a trades apprenticeship or another non-university certificate, and 10 people have a university certificate below the bachelor level. The youth in the community face challenges in reaching high school graduation and continuing on to post-secondary education. One of the major issues identified is school attendance. First Nations youth workers in public schools have noted that at the elementary school level, kids are already missing significant amount of classes. Teachers are missing home support, as some parents are not pushing their children to attend school. Limited attendance at the elementary school level eads to children falling behind in reading, writing and math skills when they reach high school. In order to encourage attendance, there needs to be more support for parents, who can be dealing with mental health issues or a mistrust of schools from historical traumatic experiences. The band office is involved in many different programs that help support youth education. To encourage Pauquachin youth to continue into post-secondary education, the band provides grants to students, organizes a dinner to celebrate graduates, and arranges a Meet and Greet between high school seniors and college students to encourage higher education. In addition, the band manages afterschool activities for elementary, middle and high school students. For younger students, Homework Club offers a space for children to play, have a snack, and practice reading and math skills. Tutoring sessions are also available for older students, where they are able to receive personal assistance in their assignments and studies.