Pauquachin Housing Department

The provision of housing provides a strong physiological needs that all humans have for shelter, yet at the same time supports additional human needs for safety, love, belonging and providing for one’s family. When managed appropriately housing can also be a financial asset for the owner and/or a resource for a community.

Addressing Needs

Addressing the housing needs of Pauquachin Nation is a critical step forward for the future development and capacity building within the Nation. Without housing it is considerably challenging for one to contribute to the community and society at large as they are in in constant pursuit of attaining their own basic needs of shelter.
A community visioning workshop was held with the Pauquachin Nation members in 2013 to identify the goals and priorities of the community. Housing was recognized as the largest priority by community. In addition to Housing being recognized as one of the greatest concerns amongst Pauquachin members, the theme of housing has also been identified as a ‘pillar’ within the Pauquachin Comprehensive Community Plan (CPP) which was developed in conjunction with our housing plan.

Housing Department Objectives

  • Ensure that housing is safe, affordable, and accessible to all Pauquachin Members
  • Provide the members of Pauquachin Nation a variety of housing options to meet their respective needs.
  • Maximize the life of existing housing units through regular maintenance and repairs.
  • Encourage home ownership through programs, policies, and supportive resources.
  • Build and maintain high quality new homes to support the growth of Pauquachin Nation.
  • Bring financial sustainability to the Pauquachin Housing portfolio.

Current Housing Actions


  • Construct 6 housing units in the form of 3 duplexes on Xpaen Lane
  • Complete 4 renovations
  • Restructure of Housing Committee


  • Health & Safety related renovations/repairs to eligible housing assets within Coles Bay IR#2
  • Build 6 – 10 new housing units on existing services lots.
  • Catalogue the expected life of all band owned homes and assess for repairs.
  • Assess the exact capacity of the infrastructure through an asset management inventory study.
  • Create & implement a Universal Maintenance Regime for the purpose of assisting homeowner to maintain their privately owned homes.
  • Assist families in preparing to meet criteria to access own mortgage through On-Reserve Loan Agreement with Royal Bank of Canada.

Housing Statistics and Future Planning

In 2014, Pauquachin’s Coles Bay reserve held a population of 291, who resided in 88 existing housing units. Out of the 88 homes on Coles Bay, 48% are privately owned and the other 52% are rental homes .

Future Need

There is a need for 21 new housing units by the year 2034 to accommodate the forecast growth of the community. Community members have remarked that they wish to keep their families living on their traditional family lands. The band office aims to support home ownership for members and therefore reduce household dependency on band office funding. A rent-to-own program is planned to begin, which will allow tenants to slowly pay off their homes through rent installments and have a greater sense of ownership in their housing.

Housing Strategy

In order to address these various housing issues, Pauquachin is creating a Housing Strategy. The Housing Strategy clearly identifies the current housing situation, future housing needs, and opportunities for securing long term funding.