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Monica and Melinda are Registered Nurses providing Public Health Nursing services through the Pauquachin Band Office. Public Health Nurses provide health promotion and disease prevention, intervention and support to women, children and families. All services are free and confidential. We work with Speech Language Pathologists, Hearing (Audiologists), Public Health Nutritionists, and Dental Health Educators.

Candidate: Lucia Bartleman
Nomination Category:

  • Providing Health and Wellness Leadership to the Community
  • Service Award – 20 years

Reason for Nomination:
Lucia Bartleman began work as the Health Director for Pauquachin First Nation on August 16, 1996. On August 16, 2016 we celebrate twenty years of outstanding leadership and compassionate service. We invite you to join us in acknowledging and applauding Lucia’s dedication, vision and commitment to the delivery of exceptional health services to Pauquachin.

Lucia is a strong and determined leader when it comes to managing the provision of health and wellness initiatives for the members of the Pauquachin community. She thoughtfully engages the community to ensure that programs and services are community driven and respond to current and emergent community needs. While she is constantly looking for ways to improve services, she appreciates and embraces the need to build a strong foundation grounded in trust, respect, honor, and truth.

Under the vision and leadership of Lucia, Pauquachin First Nation enjoys a vast and diverse health program. All initiatives support community members in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. Lucia has been instrumental in bringing numerous partnerships, collaborations and initiatives to the community. A few of the successes deserving high praise and mention include the following.

  1. The construction of a Community Health Building.
  2. A vital partnership with Vancouver Island Health Authority that supports two public health nurses, a nurse practitioner and a medical doctor on-site at least 3 days per week. This successful partnership brings many services directly into the community including pre-natal and post-natal support, immunizations, mammography testing, optometry, hearing testing, education on communicable diseases, speech pathology and awareness on child growth and development. Medical staff are also able to provide referrals to psychologists, counsellors and specialists.
  3. The addition of the Child Oral Health Initiative (COHI) for in-house dental services.
  4. The addition of on-site reiki, massage, foot care, acupuncture and haircuts.
  5. Monthly distribution of the Good Food Box to every household.
  6. A weekly Diabetes Circle for support, exercise, education and awareness.
  7. Elder’s breakfasts, lunches and other social opportunities that foster positive relationship building and inclusion, thereby reducing loneliness, isolation and potentially depression.
  8. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in program grant money used to implement community fitness classes, women’s empowerment initiatives, early childhood development programs, addictions programs, family support programs, and recreation and culture opportunities.
  9. The renovation of our community kitchen, “The Gathering Place”, to ensure opportunities for building strong, healthy relationships through shared meals, cooking classes and cultural events.
  10. The addition of Mustimuhw, for accurate and complete medical records.

There is no doubt, Lucia Bartleman has made a tremendous contribution to the community of Pauquachin over the last twenty years. Of her many accomplishments, the greatest by far is the unconditional love she has for the people. No child is ever turned away; no family ever excluded; no Elder ever forgotten. She is guided by the cultural teachings of her ancestors and the wisdom of her heart. She is both humble and courageous. This is leadership, and this is our colleague and our friend, Lucia Bartleman.

Huy ch qu

A Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is a plan that is created by the community and for the community. The CCP helps First Nation bands match their dreams and needs with specific goals and actions in order to steer the community towards a strong, healthy and vibrant future.

The following information comes from the new animal control bylaw:

  1. The Council deems it advisable, necessary, expedient and in the best interest of Pauquachin First Nation and all Owners and occupiers of the Pauquachin Lands, to establish a Bylaw concerning the control of Dogs and Animals and to provide for the health and safety of all residents on Pauquachin Lands.
  2. The Council has deemed it necessary to regulate the care and control of Dogs and Animals, to prevent nuisance and trespass by Dogs and Animals on Pauquachin Lands.
  3. The Council has authority to regulate the care and control of Dogs and Animals, and provide for the health and safety of all residents on Pauquachin Lands pursuant to section 81 of the Indian Act (Canada).
  4. The Council is of the opinion that the uncontrolled ownership and running at large of Dogs and Animals may be detrimental to the health and safety and a nuisance to the residents on Pauquachin Lands.
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What is the Rental Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (Rental RRAP) On-Reserve?

Rental RRAP On-Reserve offers financial assistance to landlords of affordable housing not owned by the First Nation to pay for mandatory repairs to self-contained units occupied by lowincome tenants. Mandatory repairs are those required to bring properties up to minimum levels of health and safety.

“Pauquachin does not agree with the Steelhead LNG project and will not provide consent to any progress of LNG plans within the territory or otherwise. Pauquachin will continue to stand united with the WSANEC Leadership and advocate the protection of our sacred water and land, as both are considered invaluable,” said Rebecca Harris, Chief of Pauquachin First Nation. “We need to remember that every decision we make today effects the next 7 generations.  This message is out of respect for our beloved ancestors and future children. There will be no LNG project as far as Pauquachin stands.”